Roy's Celtic Knots and Sculptures

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Roy carving the Mother Knot

A Celtic Knot is always made of one, long thread... the thread of life.

The Celts believed the human soul is a fragment of the divine which ultimately returns to its source. The soul rids itself of all impurities through successive rebirths, until it reaches perfection.

Celtic Knots are complete loops with no end or beginning. The interlaced knot work patterns with their unbroken lines symbolize our spiritual growth.

The Ankh is an Ancient Egyptian symbol of physical and eternal life. It is known as the original cross.

Ankhs are associated with material things such as water, air, sun, as well as Egyptian Gods.

Roy uses a wide variety of local (Canadian) and exotic hardwoods in his work. Each piece is hand carved and sanded to produce unique pendants and sculptures.

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